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Afgan Kebap was founded in 2018, in the developing and bustling district of Esenyurt/Beylikdüzü - Istanbul, being the first Afghan restaurant in the region. We realised a growth of local individuals who love Afghan cuisine and foreigners calling Esenyurt/Beylikdüzü their home. At this point, it was high time to establish and approach the needs of people in the region and serve Afghan cuisine at its most authentic taste and style. 

As a legacy to bring out the most authentic taste of back home, our high-quality spices, main cooking equipment and ingredients come from Central Asia and Middle East - using local Turkish products to provide a drive to the Turkish economy. 

Our menu offers something for everybody, from Afghan Palaw to kebabs and stews. As an appetiser, we offer the popular Central Asian mantu in Afghan cooking technique to start your appetising eating experience at Afgan Kebap.

It is noteworthy to mention that we have the potential to sequently cater up to 400 people for various events and occasions.

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